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I wonder why Americans obsess over Paris



I got thinking about this, after posting about the animated “Anastasia” (they retconned her history to have her go to Paris instead of Denmark) and also the ask about “A Monster in Paris.”

I mean, nothing against Paris, but I’ve been there several times and it’s a little overrated. Certainly, it has some iconic monuments, and some enormous art museums, and lots of little quaint cafes and romantic restaurants, and big fashion events… but so does almost every other major European city. Notre Dame is beautiful, yes, but it’s not the ONLY Notre Dame, or even the largest or most beautiful in France.

There are so many other gorgeous European cities that are completely ignored in mainstream American movies/media.   You never hear Americans pining after Florence, or Ghent, or Prague, and I wonder why Paris became the popular favorite.  This a small sample of what they’re missing out on:

il Duomo, Florence, Italy:

Astrological clock on Prague Clock Tower, Czech Republic:

the Cloister at St. Bavon Abbey in Ghent, Belgium:

Stephansdom Cathedral, Vienna, Austria:
Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain:
Santorini, Greece:
Neuswanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany:
Flower carpet in Brussels, Belgium:
I wonder if the lack of knowledge about European culture in general is also a part of why white Americans often appropriate other cultures when they feel a void in their own.  There’s so much culture in European roots, though!  It’s not all as bright and beautiful as these pictures, but it’s there for you to learn.

I have to admit being more in love with Assisi, Italy (gorgeous omg) than Paris, France.

Seriously guys, I must have been one of the few people I know who went to and didn’t care for Paris.

In short: there’s more to Europe than just Paris, France.