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Posted 2 years ago



IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ AND SPREAD THE WORD!  If this comic is too hard to read, check out a higher-res version here!

Interrobang Studios is competing for one of the twelve Quarter Million Dollar Small Business Grants put out through We’re asking all our fans to click that link, log in via their facebook account, and vote for Interrobang Studios.

If you don’t have a facebook account, feel uncomfortable logging in to vote, or just want to do MORE than vote, please share this comic and spread the word. The minimum number of votes we need is low—but minimums don’t win grant money. Everyone can only vote for any one business one time, but if even a quarter of you click “VOTE,” that would be AMAZING.

I don’t ask this lightly, but it really means a lot to us, gang. So please spread the word. I’ll keep you all posted on our progress.  Thanks in advance, everyone! ^_^

I can announce now, I plan to work with Kevin and Sarah to release OHKO through their new business venture! Please show support and vote so they can get that grant. Both Kevin and Sarah are incredibly professional and passionate about Comics. Sarah especially has experience, creativity and a hard work ethic to get this happening.

TL:DR = This is essentially a business plan to make not only a digital publishing hub, but a tool everyone can learn and share comics through.