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Know what’s so funny about this? How the blue-eyed White folks know this is an exercise (as in not real life!) and can’t stand taking the shit people of color deal with for a couple of hours before they’re screaming and crying and storming off. They know it’s fake, and they still can’t deal!

Yet these are the people who are supposedly so much smarter than me, so much more reasonable than me, so much more civilized than me!

She. Goes. IN on these white folks. GOES IN.

“I cannot waste my tears for a white woman who knows that this is temporary…. I save my sympathy and my empathy for those who go through this every day of their lives….”

I know that some of you follow me because you occasionally learn something between my awkward personal posts. 

I’m sorry this isn’t captioned, but if you’re able to, please watch this, esp. if you’re non-POC. 

reblogging to watch when i’m done with my chores.

ahh this is awesome omg everyone needs to watch this old white lady lay it down


She’s been doing these social experiments for YEARS. With children and college students and adults and it’s amazing.

They need to do this in every class everywhere. 

Pardon me, but isn’t teaching someone to always shut up because they are of a specific skin-colour/religion/gender/social status etc just as wrong?

Would be actually teaching to judge people by what they actually DO instead of the ‘group/stereotype/etc’ they ‘can’ be sorted into be much better? I don’t see that being done here.

Say what? She is clearly showing how people of color are CONSISTENTLY gaslighted by white people into believing that there is nothing wrong with the system we live in. And no, this woman is making BLUNT what white people CONSISTENTLY DO ON A REGULAR BASIS AND THINK ITS OKAY.

She does not give a single fuck about white people’s whine. NONE.

Wow. It’s almost as if it’s deliberate. Like there is a point to be made, and it’s illustrated beautifully, and laid out for folks to grasp and instead

Seriously, though, ‘penguins, what the fuck. The point, as Ms. Elliot stated several times, is to illustrate what PoC go through on a regular fucking basis. Day in and day out. All the goddamn time. If you have missed that, then it is your inability to understand that is at fault, not Ms. Elliot or the exercise. I’d suggest you try to find a program like this to help you understand, but I believe you would take away from it exactly what Kerry did (short, curly blond hair, piercings) — that it’s all about you and your experience, and hey, there might have been some PoC there, too, fancy that.

This is a stunning and really upsetting video, but yeah…if y’all have ever wondered what even a tiny bit of the experience of being a person of color is like, this is some straight up knowledge in video form. Watch it. 

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